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Longhouse Fish Company is focused on bringing a superior smoked product and service to the market in a way that cultivates the value of friendship and family by how we share our product and treat our customers. All of our fish are Wild Caught and have been exclusively sourced directly through the local indigenous Tribal harvesting communities in and around the coastal waters of Washington State.

Our style of smoking and brines have been learned through many years, cultivating a reminiscent flavor many customers recall as something that tastes "just like dad used to make"... Smoked Only with Alder wood, Brine for flavor & Lots of Love! 

- NO Preservatives!  

All our fish are of restaurant grade,.. processed, flash frozen all within 12-24 hours of harvest. This grade of salmon and fish will always leave you with a fresh taste and never "fishy" like many fish and smoked brands sold at local markets today all around the U.S.  but Please... Don't take our word for it!.. Stop in at our flagship locations and find out for yourself by trying any or all of our Smoked Fish.  Tell us what YOU THINK! 

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